Project 1

By: Sebastian Nieto

Digital Design

I'am Number Four

Genre: Fantasy/Science fiction film

Produced By

Michael Bay

Directed by

D. J Caruso

Story By:

Pittacus Lore and Jobie Hughes


Alfred Gough Miles Millar and Marti Noxon


Alex Pettyfer (John Smith)

Dianna Agron (Sarah Hart)

Teresa Palmer (Number Six)

Timothy Olyphant (Henri)

Callan McAuliffe (Sam Goode)

Jake Abel (Mark James)

Jack Walz (Sarah's Brother)

Greg Townley (Number Three)

Jeff Hochendoner (Sherriff James)

The Movie Picks off with Number Three being chased down by Mogadorians. But that's not the start, here is some background information. There were only nine childern that can defeat the Mogadorians because their parents were Gaurdians of their homeworld of Lorien. But it was all destoryed by that invading race of Mogadorians. John Smith or number four and eight others escaped to plant earth to avoid being killed and hoped to grow up and learn their powers to eventually destroy the evil race of the Mogadorians. But the Childern can only be killed in ORDER. They can't skip a number.

When the movies begins number four is at a beach party late at night when number three is killed, he has a vision under water of number three being killed and immediately he beings to have a sharp pain on his leg leaving a mark of number's three sign. He knew he was next... John and his Gaurdian Henri Immediately leave their beach house and go to Ohio Paradise. Where John's life changes forever.. (there is a scene where a lizard mysteriously enters the car right before they leave.)

Upon their arrival John is a bit rebellious againt his guardian, goes against almost everything he says, and urges Henri to let him go to school. and after much debate, Henri let's him under the condition that he will answer his phone calls every HOUR anmd tell him he's okay. On his first day, he meets sarah in the principal's office and afterwards she escorts him to his locker and class. during his lunch john witnesses Mark and his friends bully Sam by throwing a football right at his face which knocks him down, John rushes to help sam up but Mark and his friend ask for the football back, john picks it up and throws it really hard that it ends up knocking down the guy who catched it, thus making this the first time he uses his powers and plain sight and he also makes a new friend sam.

One thing about Loriens is that they only fall in love once and that's it. They can't love anyone else. Sarah and John begin to behave like normal teenagers with a normal life which makes John start to develop feelings for Sarah and ends up falling in love. Which is the worst possible idea at this time that he is next on the list.

If you want to find out about how it all ends you are going to have to watch the movie :) but I would definitely recommend this movie to my friends and audience that like to see a movie with a good plot. And i rate it a 9/10 due to the simple fact that the plot was REALLY nice. And i would recommend to read the books because YOUR going to WANT to know what happends next because another charater appears at the end...