Project 1

By: Sebastian Nieto

Digital Design

The Internship

Genre: Comedy

Produced By

Vince Vaughn and Shawn Levy

Directed by

Shawn Levy

Story By:

Vince Vaughn


Vince Vaughn and Jared Stern


Vince Vaughn (Billy Mahon)

Owen Wilson (Nick Campbell)

Rose Byrne (Dana)

Dylan O'Brien (Stuart)

Tiya Sircar (Neha)

Jessica Szohr (Marielena)

Josh Gad (Headphones)

Max Minghella (Graham Hawtrey)

Aasif Mandvi (Mr. Chetty)

Josh Brener (Lyle)

This movie is about two salesmen who got recently fired from their jobs and they decided to talk their way through a google inteview and some how ended up with an intership from google! And they literally had NO background Knowledge of any computer programing or any type of coding. The best thing about this movie is that theiris a bunch of funny RELATABLE scenes that made me laugh ALOT

The internship had it's ups and downs. There were time where it was PURE fun jokes and other sad moments, personal moments, and moments where they just gave up and decided that it was all worthless. But the end special the outcome is not what you expect because at this intership they had a series of games and the winning group had guaranteed jobs at google at the end of the internship. Everything goes side ways but the end is extra special and alot of suprises!

I would recomment this movie to the people and groups that would like to have a good laugh and young teens audience because it relates to some of the jokes they make! Watch and have a good Laugh! Enjoy!